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Transportation is one of the ways of making money in the game. For the time being there are only 2 options available:


In order to earn money with busses, you need 2 bus stations conected by roads and at least 1 bus.
There are a few types of busses you can choose from, depending on how many passangers they can transport.
You can upgrade the vehicles capacity as well as the stations capacity to maximize profits.

The profit made, depends on LI (What is LI?), Capacity of Bus stations and Capacity of Busses on created route. Fare prices depend on distance between stations, so earnings is a balance between distance of bus stops and time it takes the bus to travel the distances.



Car 1 64 bottom left.png
License cost
Buy price


Car 2 64 bottom left.png
License cost
Buy price


Car 3 64 bottom left.png
License cost
Buy price


Car 4 64 bottom left.png
License cost
Buy price
Bus Stations
BusStop 1.png
  1. Capacity of Bus station
    • Shows maximum number of passangers the station can hold
    • Rate of passangers coming to station is influenced by LI (What is LI?)
    • Clicking it will open Capacity upgrade window (see next image)
  2. Number & List of busses
    • Shows current number of busses visiting the station
    • Clicking it will show list of busses which routes include the station
  3. LI of Bus station
    • Shows desirability of land and station placed on it
    • Higher the value, the higher the passangers arrival rate

BusStop 2.png

Each upgrade will raise the capacity of the bus station, it costs money and energy. The higher the capacity the less busses have to wait for passanger and higher the rofit.
How to
Build Bus station

Building a bus station is like building any other building. (Building placement)
After selecting it from list of building availabel for building place it next to a road.

Always make sure your bus stations have continuous road between them.
When placing your bus stops take into account that land value is critical, if you place them in a bad place, nobody will board your buses there so the stop won't earn you money. Build Bus stop.png

Buy Bus

Either click the Menu, then Cars tab, or click the bus icon in the upper right corner of the interface to reach the Cars tab

Clicking new car will open the window where you can choose the desired bus.
After buying the bus you can set up a route for it.
Set up route

<youtube>BfEZg_45G2A</youtube> Thanks to Zachary Hinski for video
If you need to add a new Bus station to the route, you need to stop the bus first.
A route can only have stations from same city (and city part).

You can use copy route function to set up same route for more then 1 bus:
Copy route.png
After clicking Copy route, you can choose the bus you want to copy route from.


Both capacity of busses and Bus stops can be upgraded. Upgrading busses can be done by clicking the bus.

Upgrade bus.png
  1. Clicking occupancy button will open the upgrade window
Upgrade bus2.png
Upgrading bus capacity costs energy
Fuel bonus for busses

With update #18 of the game (Feb. 2016), using fuels for busses will give an income bonus.

Busses fuel.png
  1. Quick view on how many days your fuel reserve will last with current number of busses
  2. Number of busses and the fuel they need for every 24hours
  3. Number of days the bonus for the busses income is available
  4. Add petrol to fuel reserve of the busses and increase the time on timer
  5. Add diesel to fuel reserve of the busses and increase the time on timer

Since busses income depends on the time they function and time they need to travel between bus stations, they have a separate fuel reserve to which you need to add the fuel manually, and they will consume it from there. System does not take fuel automatically from warehouse. Also the system does not differentiate between Normal and Bio fuels, the available Petrol is the sum of normal petrol and Bio-Petrol, same with Diesel fuels. If you operate trucks as well, have in mind that trucks do NOT take fuel from busses fuel reserve (for more details check trucks Fuel bonus)


Bus stops are most effective when there are more stops involved, the minimum required is 2 stops, but having something like 10 stops on a route is better.
Likewise, if you have several bus stops in high-value areas it is best to have multiple buses serving that line.
Having 10-15 stops on a route in a city with 10-15 buses on that line seems to have best results. Thanks to Mike@Horizon for strategy and aditional information.



Truck 1 64 bottom left.png
License cost
Buy price

Unlike busses, Trucks do not need any aditional building, they work on contracts.
You can access contracts from left side of screen. (Game interface)
There are 2 types of contracts available:

  1. Duration of contracts
  2. Profit per truck
  3. Number of trucks assigned
  4. Number of contracts still available
  5. Extra contracts are limited in number and they become available once every hour
  6. Estimated time until Extra contracts will be available again

You can own up to 10.000 trucks.

Standard contracts

Standard contracts are unlimited in number, but they have a somewhat lower profit. Once you have assigned trucks to one of these contracts you can collect the profit in 6h, 12h, 1 day or 3 days, depending on what you chose; after which you can sign new contracts for the trucks you own.

Extra contracts

Extra contracts are limited in number, they have a higher profit, but they are harder to come by. They become available once every hour, close to whole hours XX:00 (ex: 10:00, 11:00) give or take 1 minute, for same durations of 6h, 12h, 1 day or 3 days.

Fuel bonus for trucks

With update #18 of the game (Feb. 2016), using fuels for trucks will give an income bonus, depending on the type of fuel used.

Trucks petrol.png
Trucks diesel.png
  1. Trucks take their fuel directly from Warehouse, it is not required for the fuel to be added
  2. using Petrol gives +20% bonus to income from trucks
  3. using Diesel, reduces time of contracts by 20%
  4. system does not differentiate between normal and bio fuels
  5. the minimum fuel required is 1 / truck / day, but if you sned a single truck on a 6h contract the cost is still 1 fuel, it won't be divided, os it is best to send at least 4 trucks if posibble, they still will use up only 1 fuel (4 trucks x 6h = 24h => 1 fuel)


Trains are an upcoming feature of the game. You will be able to read more about new features in the Coming soon section