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Welcome to the "Daily Tasks" section, this page will explain what the daily tasks are, and what you can receive from them

Once you reach level 16, you unlock the daily bonus tasks these will enable you to to receive rewards such as money, energy drink(s) or even both, up to three times a day. each task involves 3 steps.

Bonustasks.JPG 3 steps BT.JPG

Step 1: sign contract ( just requires energy )
Step 2: Deliver required goods ( must have requested goods and the specific quality in your warehouse )
Step 3: Deliver goods ( just requires energy )
After completing all 3 steps you will receive the stated reward. you can also purchase a further 3 contracts at the price of 15 gold coins.

*Task requirements vary depending on players level.
*Players must have the required licence for the required product
*If a required quality is above the players usual quality, you can either obtain products from the market or increase your own production quality.

(Tip : Event products are usually in big demand. So it's worth investing into producing these products and quality yourself, As selling these in the market will get you more money than shops usually sell for!)

Big thanks to Fishyman for writing the information :)

List of possible tasks and their requirements