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Rent is the type of income you generate from Rental buildings like Houses, Apartments and Offices. To set rent, click on a building you own, either on the map or your Building list (Menu -> Buildings)

Building list.png

After clicking the building, you need to click the Price button (1) to reach the price settings window:


  1. Current price & set price button
    • Clicking it will take you to set price window
  2. Number of rooms
    • Clicking this button will open the upgrade rooms section
    • You can increase the number of rooms, to get a higher income
  3. Level of service
    • Clicking this button will let you upgrade service level
    • Higher service level wil increase profits
    • Every service level has a % bonus
  4. Hotel services is available ony at hotels
    • Same as services this is upgradable and gives a bonus
  5. Number of employees
  6. Occupancy, shows how full is the building
    • This also effects profits earned by building
  7. LI of buildings
    • Shows the Location Index, which also affects income
  8. Popularity of building
    • This gives a % bonus on sles / income
    • It raises every day the occupancy is at 100%

Price settings:


  1. Current price, set by you
  2. Recomended price
    • It is based on the city the building is placed in and unemployement rate
    • For occupancy to rise, it is best to set the price below the recommended value
  3. List of bonuses

Earnings from rent you can always check from Finance tab (Menu -> Finance), by expanding the Rent line: