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Location index is the indication of land value and it influences sale price of products and rate of sale for shops and rentals.

Finding good index

A good land index is key for a good profit from rent or sales. You can use a guide to find a good spot, using Map overlay or you can build up Location Index by building appropriate buildings.

Map overlay

Li overlay.png

  1. Clicking map icon shows an overlay over the map
    • The higher the LI the more desirable the land
    • Rental buildings, shops and bus stations incomes are affected by LI
    • Production buildings arent't afected by LI (farms, factories and mines)
  2. Hovering with mouse over map icon will show an explanation of colors of overlay
    • Red - between 0 - 10 LI
    • Yellow - between 10 - 30 LI
    • Blue - between 30 - 45 LI
    • Green - between 45 - 60 LI
    • Purple - over 60 LI
  3. If you need to see only your own buildings, you can, by clicking this icon

Building placement

Placing your buildings corectly is what will make a city great.
You have to choose the location upon placing, since buildings aren't movable, so their location is final, unless you demolish them.

<youtube>btOBi-SOcn0</youtube> Thanks to Zachary Hinski for video

Buildings influence over index

Every building influences the land and other buildings LI around them. Based on the type of building this influence varies.
The reach of influence of every building is a 10x10 square with building in middle of it (exception being your HQ, which influences a 20x20 square and only your own buildings) like it's shown in the image below:

IC LI.png

The influence is in the four directions starting from the 4 sides of the building and the influence is lower the further away we go from the building, so highest influence is at base of building.

Buildings influenced by LI

These buildings are affected by LI:

the higher the LI the better the income from these buildings

Buildings Not influenced by LI

These buildings do not need LI, they are not influenced by it:

these buildings also have a very low LI bonus on surrounding land, so it's not a good idea building them close to rental buildings or shops

  • Rental buildings have best effect on LI, the bigger the building the better the effect (Rental buildings)
  • Production buildings have a low effect on LI, that is why it can hurt rental areas and their income (Production buildings)
  • The two categories of buildings (Rentals & Production) should always be built far and separate from eachother
  • When overlay is active, the Green & Purple areas are for rentals, Yellow & Red for production buildings