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You can collect different types of items throughout Investor City, each bringing different rewards that you can collect.
These items can then be sold on the Item Market once you have reached Level 20. When you spend a certain amount of energy, you will
get an icon showing you have gained an item , click the item you have gained will take you to a page listing the current items you have in your stock.

Items such as:


Maps come in two parts: Left and Right. Combine the two to create an area rich with minerals.
These are earned by spending your energy.

Ural1.JPG TwoPartsUral.JPG

The picture above is showing your maps ready to be combined


Safes work much like Maps. Once again, you need two parts. Instead of two safe parts, you will need
a coloured(colored) safe, and the same coloured(colored) key.

BlackSafe.JPG + BlackKey.JPG

You will need both the Safe and the Key to unlock the rewards. Once unlocked
,you will get an option out of 9 hidden boxes in which you can earn common items such as Money and Energy, however you can also unlock rarer
items such as Gold coins or Premium days. These can be also earned by spending energy throughout Investor City.
as shown below




Item Market

The Item market is where you can sell the Items you have collected to other players
Pictures below, showing you the market, and how to sell selected items



Click on the item you wish to sell, and type in how much you would like (there is a fee!)