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The "Interface" tab will include a lot of useful information for you to cycle through. The below picture will be numbered 1-39 those numbers will be explained above the photo.


1. This symbol represents "mail", this is where you can send private messages to other investors, you can also view messages already sent.

2. This symbol represents your notifications, once clicked, you will get a list of notifications, for example employee contract has ended.

3. This symbol represents the building market, where you can bid on other investors buildings, or buy directly from their offers - You can also track what buildings you're selling.

4. This represents the money you have, not the value of your company. This is how much you have available to spend. You can hover the amount for an exact figure.

5. This shows how many gold coins you have left to spend, clicking the plus to the right, allows you to buy more from the store, with Real-money purchases.

6. Number 6 shows what city you're in, clicking the pencil will allow you to have an expanded list of all cities visitable. Clicking the name will take you to "City Tasks".

7. Number 7 shows your energy bar, as you can see 180/480 is showing you have 180 energy left to be spent.

8. Right clicking the plus next to your energy bar will open this box, here you can see the amount you have left, you can also buy more from the store by clicking the plus.

9. This represents your warehouse stock, clicking this will take you to the warehouse, where you can buy more licenses, increase quality and a lot more.

10. This represents the amount of buildings your company owns, clicking this will take you to a list of buildings that you own.

11. This represents the number of vehicles your company owns, you can buy more buy clicking the plus, or view all your vehicles by clicking the icon.

12. This represents your mini-map/world map, clicking this can open/close the map.

13. This represents "More Options" when clicked there's four options, listed in vertical order: Mute, hide/Un-hide buildings, LI map and the language of the interface.

14. This represents your world map, here you can see every city in the game from just scrolling with the map. Helpful for easy navigation.

15. Here you can found a new city, public and private, for a price.

16. Here you can click the "Move to headquarters" button, and it will take you to the exact location of your company HQ.

17. Here is the zoom option, you can zoom your city in and out for a better view.

18. Here you can send/receive gifts from your Facebook connected friends.

19. Here you can see page links, going up in vertical order: Wiki, The Forum, The News and finally our Facebook page.

20. Once clicked, pops up the "Menu" with a big list of everything.

21. Once the Build icon is clicked, you have options of what you can build: Road and land, Production, Sale, Rent, Cars and headquarters.

22. The Chat. Here you can communicate with many other investers, from selling your buildings and production, to just having a nice conversation.

23. Display settings, from adding new chat tabs (German, Spanish) to showing what can be seen on the map (vehicles, balloons.

24. Here, you can expand the chat, or make the chat smaller, to get the chat off your screen, click the "friends tab".

25. Clicking the chat tab will open the chat.

26. Clicking the friends tab, will open a list of the friends you've added.

27. Here you can see the recent changes to the games.

28. This shows there is a balloon to be found in your game, hovering the balloon will tell you what city you're in. You can collect Gold coins, Energy or money.

29. This shows you can hire an employee which will give you benefits (Production, department etc).

30. This shows how many days of fuel you have left, diesel or petrol. Clicking on the fuel will show you how it is being used.

31. This shows you how many trucks you have got running on contract, if it shows 0/... then you don't have any out on a contract.

32 This represents bonus tasks, here you can do tasks for energy drinks (3 tasks per day).

33 This will open a box which will show you your assistant, Jessica. Here you can submit a ticket for Support or Feedback. You can also load up the FB page, Manual and news.

34. Clicking this will take you to your company profile, where you can see your finance, buildings, departments etc.

35. This shows the level you're currently on.

36. This shows how much experience you need to level up, hovering it will give you a clearer picture.

37. Clicking your name will show you your profile page - Value, influences, company name.

38. This shows your player ranking compared to other investors, based on the value of you and your company

39. This shows the amount of premium days you have left.

The Build Tab

Build - RoadandLand.JPG

Here you can buy Road, land posts, bus stops and gas stations. Costing both Money and Energy.


Here you can buy all sorts of production buildings. For example: Farms, factories and mines. Costing both Money and/or Energy.


Here you can buy buildings which can then sell products you create. These cost both Money and Energy.


Here you can buy buildings which you can then either sell on the market or lease out to the public. Costing both Money and Energy.


Here you can buy cars (Buses and Trucks). To unlock the licenses, you must be a certain level and spend energy. The cars cost Money.


Here you can see what the purchase tab looks like once you click on your desired car (bus/truck).


Here you can build your Company HQ wherever there is land. Bare in mind this will cost you around 100 energy.

The Profile Tab


Here you can see your profile, your stats, profile picture, and description. All can be modified by you.

My Company will be explained on "The Company Tab"

Investor Tab


Here you can see how you match up with other investors in the rankings. These are worked out through your company value.


Here you can see the investors you have added as your friends.


Here you can see the investors you have added to your ignored list.


Here you can search for a specific investor.


Here you can see the Investor City staff members. These members play a crucial part in keeping Investor City running smoothly and enjoyable.

My Company Tab

Company Profile.JPG

Here you can see the details of your company, this includes all the good stuff about your company, names, income, value and more.


Here you can see everything financial in your company, including transactions, profits and outgoings - or even whether or not you're in debt


Here you can see what's in your storage, increase storage, go to the market and buy new products, and check your production structures


Here you can see what buildings you have, set prices in shops, set what's being produced and manage what's being sold in your shops.

Vehicles tab.JPG

Here you can see what vehicles you have or "cars", buy new vehicles, sell vehicles, and check what contracts are available for your trucks


Here you can start marketing campaigns for your products, for example, bread marketing through radio at £3,000 for +15% demand.


Here you can see the production of certain products, including number of buildings producing and hourly production.

Employees tab.JPG

Here is the employees tab, where you can accept or refuse employees that you can hire for your farms.


Here is the rent page, where you can set your rent for each building - medium apartments, big apartments and much more.


Here you can manage the fuel for your buses, diesel or petrol - Diesel for decreased time and petrol for higher income - needed fuel and fuel storage.