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Frequently asked questions from game players, about game, gameplay, solutions and strategies:

  1. How do I play this game?

    Best way to get a hang of things is to start with the tutorial. That will get you the basics of the game, it will also provide you with minimal capiatal to start with and get you to at least level 7.

    If you have further questions you can always look thru this Wiki page or ask in game chat, many players will help.

  2. How do I make money?

    There are many ways of making money in the game:

  3. How do I increase my income?

    Your hourly income is based on your activity in the game, so if your income is from sales, then you need to sell more, so you need either more shops or more production buildings, if your income is from rent, then you need to build more rental buildings, if it's from transportation then you need more busses, or you need to upgrade stations so on ...

  4. How do I do I setup a bus route?

    For a bus route to work you need 2 bus stations in the same city, conected by a road, and at least 1 bus. Clicking the bus will give you the option to add bus stops to it's route (if the bus is runing you need to stop the bus first). Afterwards click Run to start the bus. Detailed infomration you can find on Busses page

  5. How do I move to another city?

    You do not need to move to another city, you can build in as many cities as you like. To change the city you are viewing, you need to click the city icon on top bar of game, where you can choose which city you would like to go to. (Game interface

  6. What is LI?

    LI is short for Location Index, which is an indicator of value / desirability of land. More details on Location Index page

  7. Which buildings are affected by LI?

    Rentals, shops and Bus stations are affected by LI, their income benefits or suffers from LI. More details on Location Index page

  8. How to increase LI?

    By Building Bigger rental buildings in that zone, or by moving the HQ there. More details on Location Index page

  9. How does having a HQ help?

    It gives you access to the Company Departments and it gives a LI bonus to surrounding buildings.

  10. Can I move my HQ?

    Yes you can, it costs 100 energy to rebuild your HQ after moving it.

  11. Can I play the game in my language?

    There are some languages available (and we are adding more), you can change language in top right corner of screen.

  12. How do trucks work?

    Trucks do not need aditional buildings like busses, they work on contracts. More details you can find on Trucks page

  13. How often are Extra contracts available?

    In limited number once every hour. Trucks page

  14. How often does a new city become available?

    For the time being no new cities will be added. But current cities get new parts automatically based on previous part being filled.

  15. What are coins for?

    Coins are for purchasing premium content in the game, also a way of supporting the game and it's development.

  16. What is a private city?

    A Private city is one that you can own for a fee, and only you can build in it, or you and the players you invite into it.

  17. How do I get a private city?

    You can buy one for 100 Coins, accesing city list and clicking Private city button will get you the details.

  18. I have found a game bug, what do I do?

    If you think you have found a game bug, you can report it thru Jessica, and support staff will respond in some time with explanation or solution.

  19. Who is Jessica?

    Jessica is a representation of game support, and you can find "her" on the left side of your game screen. Game interface