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Welcome to the Energy Drinks page, here you'll find the necessary information covering Energy Drinks

Ran out of energy and want to complete a building quick ? Then use a energy drink!
Energy drinks contain 1000 energy and can be used at any time. When used, the energy will stack on your existing energy count but it's advised to use the energy as soon as possible as once your maximum energy total is full, the energy refill counter will pause.
There are many ways to obtain energy drinks and these are as followed:

  • Purchase directly from game:

x1 Energy drink 5 gold coins
x10 Energy drinks 40 gold coins
x100 Energy Drinks 350 gold coins

  • Purchase from Item market:

Level 20 required for Item Market to be unlocked
Prices of Energy drinks can vary

  • Obtain by completing Daily tasks
  • Direct from Investor city as a gift.

Big thanks to Fishyman for writing this information :)