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These are the upcoming updates for the game, dates will be added to each when they go live and depending on arising issues contents of updates may change slightly:

Update #1.18 (middle of Feb 2016)

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1. Improved sales script in shops & Change of how Marketing campaigns affect product prices and sales
Marketing campaigns will give a bonus on income rather then change prices of products, this way if marketing campaigns expire, shops will still sell and prices won't need changing so often.
So if shop sells 2 products for $10 each, with a marketing campaign of 100% the income would be: (2 x $10) +100% marketing => $20 x 2 = $40
The exact time of the change will be announced 2 days prior, so everyone could set their prices

2. Fuel bonus for trucks & busses
Base income of busses and trucks was lowered
Bonus was added for using fuels: +50% on income for using Petrol in busses and +40% for using Diesel in busses
Bonus of fuels at trucks: -20% on contract time for using Diesel and +20% on income for using Petrol
1 Fuel / 24h for trucks and busses alike
in the case of 6h & 12h contracts for Trucks, the fuel minimum is 1, sending out a single truck will not use 1/4 of fuel, but 1, so best to send minimum 4 Trucks
Fuel panel.png

3. 2 New products: Bio-Diesel & Bio-Petrol
same usage and bonuses as the normal fuel, but these will be produced from a raw material other then oil.
raw materials needed: 50 Grain for 1 fuel of either type, it can be produced in small factory

4. Mining maps specialization, every set of map will favor 2 types of raw material, find rate raised
City best for.png

  • Small deposits has all raw materials, more then normal maps
  • Ural best for Silver & Gold
  • Transvaale best for Gold & Chem. Mat.
  • Accra best for Chem. Mat. & Iron Ore
  • Klondike best for Iron Ore & Oil

5. New Daily gifts system and rewards & New system and rewards from safes

6. Air balloons - will ocasionally fly over city, clicking will give random rewards

7. Support system upgrade (Jessica) & New way and look for ticketing system
New jessica.png

8. Mass sell busses & trucks & Clone bus (for premium users)
Mass sell.pngBus clone.png

9. Clear marking of empty & near-empty mines in market
Near emptymine.pngEmpty mine.png

10. Notification and posibility to renew marketing campaigns & create campaign from Marketing window
Renew marketing.png

11. Link for Wiki & Forum
Wiki link.png

12. Visual no road marking in buildings list & auctions list
No road.png

13. Auction upgrade (new buildings)

14. Game available in Spanish language

15. Tagalog chat added, settings to allow choosing of which chat tabs each players see

16. Bugs & minor adjustments
  • Posibbility to filter buildings list just for rentals
  • Sort by LI or Popularity
  • List of offers, company name is clickable and will show company details
  • Production tab, product detail page sorted by production, so smallest production buildings will be first in list
  • Company & player search improved
  • Mines stopped, added to no production filter results
  • Fixed sorting of other companies buildings list
  • Renew/buy machine directly from buildings list
  • Improvements for scripts to lower lag and other small bugs fixed

Update #1.19 (middle of Apr 2016)

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New script updating production times (all buildings updated, less lag)
Prod det.png
New tool to set Product, Employee numbers and Machinery for multiple production buildings
Rent prices settable by city
Product market buy orders fillable by entering total amount to sell without being limited by Q
Product market offers Extendable if less then 12 hours left on their clock
Product market offers Editable for premium users
Build auct.png
Building auctions for player buildings
Improvements for scripts and other small bugs fixed

Update #1.20

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World map (current city maps will be combined into one endless map)
City profile.png
New city profile
Tasks to level up cities, each level will give different bonuses to production, sales or rent
Cities will have produc demands, which will influence how much of that particular product shops can sell
Upgr build.png
Upgradeble production buildings.
NO Skills cap, skills will have effect even over level 80

Update #1.21

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New Economy

  1. Marketing campaigns maximum will be lowered to 100%, while the rest will be proportionally adjusted
  2. Products Quality will give +2% each Q to price instead of current 1%
  3. Rental buildings will have costs and income balanced and distanced between eachother

Update #1.22

Level 47+

  1. New products
    • Ink, Fertilizer, Tools, Toys, Fish, Rice,Sushi, etc.
    • Book, Magazine, Blueprints, Circuit boards, Sugar cane, Spices, Pizza, etc.
    • Software, Robots, Drones, Satelites, etc.
  2. Employment Agency, ability for players to buy/hire employees

Update #1.23


One of the biggest change coming to Investor City is trains, here are a few images as a teaser

  • Trains (Passanger & Freight)

More to come soon ...